Welcome to Nurses Unlimited

Nurses Unlimited offers high quality solutions where people feel most comfortable, most secure and are most likely to see their health improve — in their own home.

We provide a level of home care expected from family members by going the extra mile to personalize our service for each individual. How much — or how little — care varies by the person and the circumstances.

Through our various divisions (see description of divisions below), Nurses Unlimited is a one-stop shop for all home care needs. We provide a full range of services from skilled home health professionals to non-medical home care with supportive services that include home modifications, medical equipment and emergency response services.

We are here to help you find the right care for your loved one.

-Your Nurses Unlimited Team

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Private Pay Home Care
In private pay home care or in-home care services, the individual typically pays services out of pocket or through long-term care insurance benefits. This division services over 250 counties in Texas.

Licensed Medicare And Certified Home Health
When recovering from an illness or injury, the doctor may recommend that the recovery take place at home with the assistance of skilled home care providers. When this happens we can help – we are a Medicare certified home health care agency serving 15 counties in the Permian Basin in Texas.

Home Medical Equipment
We provide a wide selection of state of the art medical equipment and supplies to help your loved one remain safely at home. We service the West and Central Texas areas.

Home health care is not just a service for the elderly. Many infants and children also require in-home care due to illness or injury recovery and we offer a diverse range of services to help meet the specific in-home care needs of your child. We service select counties in West Texas.

Community Care
We are a Medicaid licensed home health care agency and are able to assist clients who receive and pay for in-home care under various programs. We provide this service in over 250 counties in Texas.

Emergency Response Services
We are a proud supplier for Emergency Response Services in order for you to feel safe and be safe in or away from your home. We provide this Service in over 250 counties in Texas.